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Young Women 


Why don’t we lead young women to believe that they are capable of having adventures, making memories, and leading an extraordinary life without a man by their side?

Why are we warping the minds of young women by drowning them in lovesick Taylor Swift songs and sappy Nicholas Sparks films?

Why is…

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"Don’t give up, okay? I know you’ve been hurt, I know how it feels. Believe me, I do. But the feeling will pass. The tears will stop falling. Your heart will heal itself. I promise you it will, so hold on. Don’t let go, don’t lose hope because I promise you’ll find someone who will treat you right the way he never did. Someone who will never ever leave you, the way he did. He’ll be worth the wait, so hang in there because I love you and I want you to be happy."

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this abnormal psychology project is too real.

it’s about stress and how we deal with stress—and basically, i’m supposed to be a psychologist, with my client being myself. i look at what’s been stressing me out from a third-person point of view and honestly write about them. after writing an outline of what i’m going to write about, i’m realizing i actually have had a lot of negativity in my life, from my parents, my boyfriend, etc.

luckily, for me, i am, in nature, optimistic and i am able to cope with negativity well, in the sense that i don’t let it affect me. i’m actually surprised the stuff i mentioned didn’t screw me up completely. however, i have realized that there’s just a lot of sadness built up inside me that i never really noticed before—probably because i tend to put up a wall and pretend like idgaf.

but anyways, this project has definitely hit my emotions right in the soft spot. and because i have to be honest while writing this paper, it forced me to be honest with myself. being honest with myself has made me realize that i’ve been avoiding certain thoughts because i know that it hurts to think about them. the truth fucking hurts tbh. but i’m going to have to think about them in order to figure out what i truly want and if certain actions i take are key to my happiness and to a healthier mental and emotional state.

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"Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge."

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